History HBK Referans was created as a joint venture between Qatar’s HBK Holding and Turkey’s Referans Holding. Each company brings almost five decades of experience in delivering best-in-class products and services within their respective countries. Forming HBK Referans combined their unique resources and industry expertise, thereby offering superior support to the Qatari market.

Company HBK Referans specialises in Fit Out, Scaffolding/Formwork, Building Materials, and Lighting. By combining the experts from Referans Holding (Turkey’s leading Scaffolding and Formwork company), HBK Holding (a Construction leader in Qatar), AHK Fit Out Contracting (an international leader in Fit Out), and Lampart (an international leader in Lighting Solutions), HBK Referans has assembled a team that will meet all needs and exceed any expectations. They also bring the added benefit of substantial factory holdings in Turkey for producing and supplying support materials directly and readily overcoming the reliability gap often encountered with less dynamic competitors. This superior corporate structure and the advanced business systems are essential elements for bringing the best in modern development practices across the diverse sectors driving Qatar forward. Sheikh Ali Bin Hamad Al-Thani, as President of the Group, has emphasized safety, environment, quality control, and timely completion; all serving to ensure the highest standards are met and clients are fully satisfied.

Vision HBK Referans strives to excel in being the first and best choice provider for all services and products offered, with the purpose of driving development and advancement of Qatar as a whole.

Mission The HBK Referans team; as an international leader in Fit Out, Scaffolding/Formwork, Building Materials, and Lighting; is focused on using our talents to help make large scale projects in Qatar succeed. We actively partner with our clients to make their lives easier and keeping their interests close at heart. HBK Referans will not only continue to uphold our legacy but will exceed it in every way possible.

Values We continue in the way of remembering we are a family business first, as it was in our founding. We improve by understanding the importance of communication within and across all sectors in which we operate. We aim to uphold a permanent and active presence in the global economy by investing in people and communities.


• Scaffolding/Formwork

• Building Materials

• Fit Out

• Lighting

Business Competitiveness Our ability to provide the most competitive quotes against the market, directly sourcing our own supplies and drawing on broad and established industry experience, is only outdone by our ability to provide the best customer service available.

Service Pledge HBK Referans pledges to treat each client as if they were a part of our family. We will do everything in our power to make sure that our clients feel supported and secure in the success of their projects.

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