We produce the norms that will be accepted in the infrastructure sector…



We make great projects such as 3rd Airport and Northern Marmara Highway as the fastest growing business of the country. Our excavation and transportation size of averagely 10,000,000 m3 a month, our fuel consumption of 200,000 liters a day, our 24 hours of working capacity and 2100 employees only in the 3rd airport, we are the company having the highest performance in Turkey.

We create solutions that are effective and in compliance with the international norms with the awareness of the global requirements. We are honored to be sustainably further than many of our opponents with our knowledge, experience, technical equipment and investment opportunities by evaluating our sources in the best way.

As HBK Referans Infrastructure, the leader of the change in infrastructure sector, we extend our attempts by taking countries and regions covering Europe, Middle East and Belorussia into our targets and we continue working with success for carrying our brand vision to the world and the future…


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