Mould And Scaffold Systems

We produce solutions that are one step further than the age…


We are a giant player in the sector with our current position and future targets. We meet the needs of the sector in a fast and reliable way with our own mould and scaffold systems.


The fact that we could quickly adapt to the mould and scaffold production in compliance with the developing Turkey has brought us one step further. With our investments, we make projects more reliably and faster by producing the materials needed by the construction sector.

Mould And Scaffold Presentation Catalog

As result of our responsibility against the sector, we make serial productions in the expected periods and separate a part of our production capacity to free projects. We close a great gap in the sector with our dynamical structure.

With our scaffold and mould system we produce specially for structures needed by the modern transportation, such as Airports, Highways and Tunnels, we become solution partner for leading businesses in the sector.


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