The preferred solution for exterior siding and maintenance works.
It has a platform, anchorage system, and hoist units where the ropes are fixed to the roof.

When access to a higher level is difficult from ground level, the R-PipeRack Suspended Scaffolding System provides a solution that allows working within the interbedded areas. Commonly, the pipe bridges of petrochemical and refinery facilities use the system. It has truss members, pipes, and pipe connection members. 


System Features

  • It is a lightweight system that is easy to move from one place to another. 
  • Due to its minimum accessories, it requires the least manpower. 
  • It has a variety of platform sizes between 1 and 6 meters depending on the façade of the structure. 
  • The system is easy to customized according to the design of the building. 
  • Because of its flexibility, it eases the access to areas that are difficult to enter. 
  • The system is certified and approved with EN 12810, EN 74 , EN 10219 Standards. 

Main Components