H frame type of scaffolding system that is commonly used in facade painting and cladding, insulation, maintenance and repair works, building's interior and exterior plasterwork, shipbuilding, and dam & tunnel construction works. Its lightweight feature saves time and labour at the job site as it doesn't require hand tools to assemble and disassemble.

Safety Facade
Safety Facade

System Features

  • All elements can be installed manually.
  • The system is lightweight and has a built-in ladder for safe access and egress.
  • A tower crane can move the system without disassembly after being connected from the upper and lower ledgers.
  • It consists of five elements - horizontal, diagonal, walking platform, H frame and toe board
  • It is safe to erect up to 120m high and can easily connect with other components.
  • Certified and approved with EN 12810 Standard.

Main Components